Drink Bracelets


Full Two-Color Blocking

Everyone loves being outdoors in the spring and summer and having picnics. Instead of using a permanent marker to identify your beverage, craft a unique rubber band drink bracelet for each cup.

All you have to do to make a drink bracelet is:

Step 1: Pick the motif you want to use. Small motifs such as Rolling Waves (my favorite motif for this) look the best.

Step 2: Pick the colors that you will use to make the drink bracelet out of. Tip: Make sure that each bracelet looks distinctly different from the others.

Step 3: Start banding! Band so it fits snugly around the cup.


Three Color

Step 4: End by attaching a S, C, or O clip from the last band to the f8 at the beginning forming a bracelet.

Step 5: Snap it onto your cup and never lose your drink again!


Tip: You can use your drink bracelets inside all year!

Holly Berry Ornament

DSCN4566_v1Here is a fun and festive way to spruce (pun intended) up any Christmas tree and makes a great last-minute gift for anyone! Who doesn’t  like Holly Berries at Christmas?


Step 1: Using dark green bands, make one Palm Leaf Motif. (See page 36 in Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry.)

Step 2: ch 5 and finish with a plastic clip.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Step 4: Using dark green bands, make one Palm Leaf Motif. ch 8 and finish with a plastic clip.

Step 5: Take the top off of a round, red Christmas ball.  Pick up all three Palm Leaf Motifs and stick the chains inside the ball making sure all the leaves hang down a bit and the one in the middle a lot more than the rest.

Step: 6 Close the top of your ornament and give it as a gift or put it on your Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas!!!




Summer is here in the USA and so are the flowers and butterflies! Why should flowers just be on the ground and the butterflies just flying when they could be on your bracelets, footless sandals (see “Footless Sandals” post for directions) and necklaces too? You can use beads, buttons, charms and even letters to show your style and put SUMMER everywhere. My favorite places to put these embellishments are in the middle of the Embellishment Border motif and in-between motifs such as Pom-Pom or Full Shell. But it is not just the buttons, beads and charms that beautify your creation. It is the bands and the clasp that add a lot too! Use your prettiest summer pastel and bright colors such as pinks, blues, yellows and purples. Also try adding metal jewelry findings (see “Adding Jewelry Clasps to any Design” post) to put the “icing on the cake” (make it really special).










Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what would Mom like better than a  rubber band necklace hand made by you? Feeling generous?  Give her a necklace AND a matching bracelet or book band in her favorite color and design! Look for inspiration in the adult variations tab. Whatever you decide to make Mom just remember to give your creation your own personal touch and give Mom lots of love!

Change It Up!

It is amazing how you can take one design and make it look totally different by just changing the bands, beads or length! The possibilities are endless. Here is the Embellishment Border motif six different ways. Hope all these colorful necklaces and bracelets give you inspiration!