Yesterday’s Inspiration


Yesterday I went to AC Moore, which is our local craft store, and found some new, awesome bands!

  • Purple Bumpy Bands which gave me an inspiration to make Grapes– an fruity modification of the Strawberry Motif in Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry.
  • Fantastic metallic bands which change in color depending on how you look at them.  One side is really shiny and the other side is toned down.  I found some beads that looked great with several of the new colors and put together some beautiful projects!
  • Bumpy glow-in-the dark bands which really glow brightly!
  • I found some transparent blue glitter bands which inspired me to make another Rolling Waves bracelet– one of the easiest patterns in Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry.

I love craft stores!  It’s amazing how much creative inspiration you can get from just walking in and looking around!




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