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AC Moore is getting all set for Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry to come out on April 15.  I was in the store today and saw this great display of double ended crochet hooks right next to the rubber bands.  This is THE Tool you need to work the patterns in my Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry book.  They are only $1.99!  I bought two so that I can work patterns with my brother or sister at the same time.  Thank you AC Moore!!



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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I have a question: do I really need a double ended hook or will a normal hook do, too? Thanks for an info :-)

    • Using a double-ended crochet hook makes it a lot easier to do the projects, but you can get away with a single-ended crochet hook on the first several projects. Instead of S&T to the back end of the double hook, you slide them off the single hook as one unit between pinched fingers and then turn them around and slide them back on the hook again as one unit. You can find the double-ended hooks at AC Moore for only about $2.00. They are well worth it!!

  2. Instead of using a double-ended crochet hook I used a rubber band to fasten together two normal crochet hooks. It works, but I’m going to try to find a double-ended hook at a craft store.

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