Beautiful Horse Bridles

My brother inspired me by making a halter for my sister’s unicorn.  He used a color variation of the Strawberries pattern in Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry.   My sister wanted to make one too so she made a bridle for her other horse in the Strawberries pattern.  I had glittery bands my nana gave me for my birthday.  I thought they would look beautiful on my black and white horse so I made a bridle with my Full Shell pattern.  I started with an f8. Then I chained around the muzzle in yellow, and then put the f8 back on the hook so I had 4 loops on the hook.  Then I pulled through all 4 loops with a pink band. I then made 3 Full Shell motifs, and continued to chain around her ears in green.  I chained two long chains for the reins and attached them to the bridle with an “O” clip.  All done! 

Tip:  Start your rein chains with a full band instead of an f8 if you want the reins to fit around a doll’s hand. 

IMG_5286 IMG_5285 IMG_5283

Copyright Elizabeth M. Kollmar 2014, All rights reserved.  For personal use only. Please do not link or post without credit.  Please do not commercialize (a.k.a. make money / profit in any way) this pattern or products made from this pattern.

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