Footless Sandals

Footless sandals may look hard to make but they are actually very easy!


Just follow these steps:
Step 1: f8
Step 2: ch around your second toe.                                                                                                         Step 3: Pick up and place the figure eight back on your hook creating the loop that your toe goes in (4 loops on hook). PT4, BOH (see pic below).


Step 4: Pick a motif. This motif will run up along the top of your foot so a smaller motif looks best.
Step 5: Repeat the motif as many times as necessary to reach your ankle (see picture below).


Step 6: PT 2, BOH. PT 1, BOH
Step 7: ch around half your ankle.


Step 8: S&T (see pic above) then PT 1, BOH.

Step 9: ch around the other half of your ankle. (4 loops on hook)– see pic below.
Step 10: Put a S or C clamp on the 4 loops that are on your hook.



Copyright Elizabeth M. Kollmar 2014, All rights reserved.  For personal use only. Please do not link or post without credit.  Please do not commercialize (a.k.a. make money / profit in any way) this pattern or products made from this pattern.

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