Adding Jewelry Clasps to any Design

In this post I will show you how to put on jewelry clasps to any design.  Just follow these easy steps to take your designs to the next level!!

The first step is to get your materials.  You will need 2 jewelry pliers, 2 open jump rings, jewelry clap set and the necklace or bracelet you are putting the findings on. You can find all theses things at your local craft store. **Note: When finishing bracelets DO NOT use magnetic clasps as the magnets are not strong enough to keep the bracelet on when it is rubbed or stretched and your bracelet will fall off.**







Get your project and an open jump ring. Open the jump ring by taking both your jewelry pliers and twisting the jump ring open. See this youtube video for specific instructions. Insert your jump ring trough the last loops that are on your hook or the loops in your S-clip.  **Tip: When you insert your jump ring through the loops you can leave the S-clip on until you close the ring so then you don’t lose your work when you try to close the jump ring. (See below.)**







Now put the clasp of your choice (you can use either endIMG_7981) on the jump ring.  **Note:  You can use either side of the clap on either end of the jewelry, but I like to plan which side I want to be in my right hand when I am putting the jewelry on.**




Next, close the jump ring by twisting it with both jewelry pliers. It should look like this now that you are done with this side.IMG_7983






Finally, repeat the last 3 steps above with the other half of the clasp on the other end of your bracelet or neckelace.









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