Summer is here in the USA and so are the flowers and butterflies! Why should flowers just be on the ground and the butterflies just flying when they could be on your bracelets, footless sandals (see “Footless Sandals” post for directions) and necklaces too? You can use beads, buttons, charms and even letters to show your style and put SUMMER everywhere. My favorite places to put these embellishments are in the middle of the Embellishment Border motif and in-between motifs such as Pom-Pom or Full Shell. But it is not just the buttons, beads and charms that beautify your creation. It is the bands and the clasp that add a lot too! Use your prettiest summer pastel and bright colors such as pinks, blues, yellows and purples. Also try adding metal jewelry findings (see “Adding Jewelry Clasps to any Design” post) to put the “icing on the cake” (make it really special).










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