Drink Bracelets


Full Two-Color Blocking

Everyone loves being outdoors in the spring and summer and having picnics. Instead of using a permanent marker to identify your beverage, craft a unique rubber band drink bracelet for each cup.

All you have to do to make a drink bracelet is:

Step 1: Pick the motif you want to use. Small motifs such as Rolling Waves (my favorite motif for this) look the best.

Step 2: Pick the colors that you will use to make the drink bracelet out of. Tip: Make sure that each bracelet looks distinctly different from the others.

Step 3: Start banding! Band so it fits snugly around the cup.


Three Color

Step 4: End by attaching a S, C, or O clip from the last band to the f8 at the beginning forming a bracelet.

Step 5: Snap it onto your cup and never lose your drink again!


Tip: You can use your drink bracelets inside all year!

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