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IMG_4239I am 11 and homeschooled along with my siblings on the East Coast USA.   We have lots of small pets, but my favorite is Emily, my dutch bunny, who is a lot of fun to dress up in pet clothes.  I love to ride horses, read, and take pictures.  For the last 4 years I have been taking piano lessons and I just started playing the harp (January 2014).  I love the color red.  My favorite foods are steak and all Chinese food, but I don’t eat chocolate.  I am VERY excited about creating with bands!

Just for Fun: Can you find the photobombing bird in the picture?  His name is Igloo.


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  1. Elizabeth,
    Your blog entries and creativity are outstanding! Judy and I look forward to following all that God will be doing in you and with your gifts. Go for it!

    • I am sooo glad you like it and will follow me on this site. We just added a link to my book on Amazon so if you want to order a copy, click on that link and you can get a special pre-order price and I get a referral fee as an Amazon affiliate.

  2. Girl, you’re gonna be pretty famous with how popular those bands are. ;) Can’t wait to get your book! It looks pretty epic to me! Love you dearie! :)

  3. Hello! My name is Autumn and I really like what your doing!!! I am 11 years so seeing you do this makes me want to do this to!! But not with rubber bands with cookies. I found your book in a library and I picked it up . I really like it!!!!!!! Where did you get to know your editors and everyone else? I googled them and they all do this site called Linkedln.Well that’s all!!!!

    • Hi Autumn,
      I am really glad to hear you want to do this too. Maybe you could share some of your ideas with a baking company such as Pillsbury or Wilton. If they like what they see they may give you a professional contact. Good luck! I hope you get to write your book!

  4. I am homeschooled, too! I also love to read and make rubber band jewelry. I checked out your book at our local library and especally loved the strawberry pattern! Keep up the good work!

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