THE Tool

AC Moore is getting all set for Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry to come out on April 15.  I was in the store today and saw this great display of double ended crochet hooks right next to the rubber bands.  This is THE Tool you need to work the patterns in my Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry book.  They are only $1.99!  I bought two so that I can work patterns with my brother or sister at the same time.  Thank you AC Moore!!


A Gift


This morning I made my mom a sparkly, blue book band for her ipad case.   I finished it early, and left it for her next to the coffee pot (I knew she would find it there).  She did and loved it!  She thinks the colors are perfect for winter– icy blue.  The motif I used is an Advanced pattern in the Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry book, but is pretty easy to work quickly with a little practice.  It looks soooo pretty too.

Yesterday’s Inspiration


Yesterday I went to AC Moore, which is our local craft store, and found some new, awesome bands!

  • Purple Bumpy Bands which gave me an inspiration to make Grapes– an fruity modification of the Strawberry Motif in Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry.
  • Fantastic metallic bands which change in color depending on how you look at them.  One side is really shiny and the other side is toned down.  I found some beads that looked great with several of the new colors and put together some beautiful projects!
  • Bumpy glow-in-the dark bands which really glow brightly!
  • I found some transparent blue glitter bands which inspired me to make another Rolling Waves bracelet– one of the easiest patterns in Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry.

I love craft stores!  It’s amazing how much creative inspiration you can get from just walking in and looking around!